Building Audacity and Leveraging Difference

You are invited to join us for Building Audacity, a day-long, career-focused retreat for professional women of color.

Dynamic speaker and career strategist Jennifer McClanahan-Flint will spark professional and personal reflections on being a woman of color in corporate and non-profit worlds, facilitate engaging group discussions, and present a life-changing strategy for how to build your career with authenticity and audacity. 

With fellow professionals across all industries, you will experience a day of connection and collaboration. In the true spirit of a retreat and with a community of shared and divergent experiences, you will find a space for your story, questions, challenges, and goals. 

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We See You

You are a professional woman of color within an organization or on your own, ready to invest in your continued career growth and development. 

You are one of a few or the only woman of color in your workplace or industry.

You are smart, resourceful, and ambitious. You like the sound of all those words. Your executive function is extremely high, and you have a strong track record of success.

Your next level of achievement beckons, but you are tired of trying to fit in. You crave better choices, clearer boundaries, and the ability to show up as yourself.

You are ready to stand out and embrace the value of your difference.

We see you and we are eager to have you join us.

Why Join Us?

Building Audacity is our first step in coming together on a journey of evolutionary work. Throughout the day, we will reflect on what brought you here—the good and the bad, within and without. We will dig deep into pressing questions:

What has made you successful and what is holding you back from more? 

What are the structural and cultural norms that influence how you are able to work, how you are seen, and what’s expected of you? 

Do you know the true value of your difference and how to leverage it?

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint will share tools and insight to identify the often-hidden dynamics of bias that influence your life and work. Building Audacity is a place for you to connect with women who look like you, share your drive, and are interested in honest, frank, and unfiltered discussions about career and industry challenges.

Together we will step into audacity, leave behind apprehension, and build careers with our authentic selves.

“Understand that investing in yourself makes everything you do better.” - Joe Holder, Personal Trainer

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer McClanahan-Flint is the founder and CEO of Leverage to Lead, where she works to help women of color navigate bias, compensation, and their career progression so they can continue to rise. Her process helps clients get clear about what they want and build a plan to get it. She helps clients stop trying to fit in and start identifying how their difference is the key to their continued success.

“When we build audacity, we combine the power of personal leadership; the consciousness of the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion on our careers; and the ability to make choices and take action. Clients work with me to build a career strategy that is rooted in clarity, value, and authenticity. It is a strategy that enables them to confidently navigate through uncertain times in their careers.”

Building Audacity Schedule


Breakfast & Registration



Opening and Introduction


Centering and Stillness


Presentation: Steps to Building Audacity, Part 1


Adaptability and Filtering




Exercise: The Language of Your Work


Presentation: Steps to Building Audacity, Part 2


Executive Function






Exercise: The Rules that Stop You from Disrupting Bias


Presentation: Steps to Building Audacity, Part 3


Leadership and Reconciliation Deep Listening


Panel Discussion and Q&A with Leverage to Lead Women

Register for Building Audacity

Building Audacity and Leveraging Difference

Date: November 8, 2018

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bently Reserve

301 Battery Street

San Francisco, CA

Registration fee is $500.

Includes parking, light breakfast, lunch, and workshop resources

Please contact Jennifer at [email protected] for discounted pricing for attendees from non-profit organizations.

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